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蜜之味How long does "soft rice" last?


    __Poke and watch this video__

    Only a short while ago

    Programmers are synonyms for single dogs


    Can't say love words

    Straight man thinking

    The first date invites a woman to eat KFC...

    Later the girls came to their senses.

    Except for straight men

    Programmers are the ideal married couple.



    No flowery intestines

    Emotional specificity

    But one thing is generally acknowledged.

    Programmers are busy

    If they get busy

    Overtime is a common occurrence

    Sometimes even the meal is neglected.

    So savvy businessmen

    A "liquid convenience" was introduced.

    Drink a bottle for a meal

    Easy and nutritious

    A popular "liquid convenience" on the Internet

    Businessmen claim to have sold more than 3 million copies


    A bottle is about 33 yuan.


    Businessmen say this is based on the daily nutritional needs of the human body.


    Can replace three meals a day

    Drink a bottle for 4 hours

    Is it really so amazing?

    Curiosity Laboratory "Gourmet" History

    Have eaten children's urine eggs

    Having eaten fried "chili pepper"

    Even desperately


    But take liquid for dinner.

    Dashi really hasn't tried it yet

    In order to experience the whole day eating only "liquid convenience"

    Don't eat anything else.


    Curiosity Jun decides to make Canadian History White Mouse

    A long-term experiment

    Great Steddy didn't have breakfast.



    The satiety of this "liquid convenience"

    Open a bottle of original liquid convenience

    It smells a bit like that.

    "Soybean milk protein powder, oat milk" hodgepodge

    It's a little thick in the cup.

    Similar to porridge

    Hanging wall phenomenon

    It tastes good to drink.

    It's oatmeal soymilk.

    Slippery and greasy

    It tastes like milk tea.

    A bottle will be drunk in less than a minute.

    It really saves meal time.

    You won't be hungry after a bottle of history

    My stomach is a little swollen.

    But this feeling

    It's different from being full.

    Feel inside the stomach

    Something withstands the same thing.

    After fifteen minutes of drinking

    Dashi feels a little dry.

    The taste of beans and milk remained in the mouth.

    The stomach was full of water and swollen.

    It feels like nothing to eat.

    No sense of enjoying food at all

    I just stuffed my stomach.

    Because breakfast is late

    Not hungry by noon

    Dashi decides to try

    Coffee-flavored "liquid convenience"

    But the taste is not so good.


    It's like coffee powder in soy milk.

    Finish a meal that's not so good.

    Dashi's work in the afternoon is

    Easy to sit in an office



    It lasted about two and a half hours.

    Dashi is already hungry.

    For the accuracy of the experiment

    Dashi can't even eat snacks

    Waiting for the evening meal.

    Have another bottle like this

    Dashi as a 75 kg man

    How come there's a few kilos of fat?

    Curious Jun thinks

    Somehow you can carry it for a week.

    Results The experiment lasted for two days.

Results The experiment lasted for two days.

    I can't carry it any more.

    According to the powerless expression of the great history:

    These two days are basically

    It was through hunger.

    Sleep at 3 or 4 p.m.

    I woke up hungry.

    Then you can only stand by drinking cold water.

    Every day I look forward to having dinner.

    Have a drink like this.

    But it's not normal to drink it.

    The feeling of propping up in the stomach

    It is inflation!

    There's something in the stomach that's stuck.

    It's just a meal of hunger.

    In addition, they often have nausea.

    The smell of soybeans is on the contrary.

    At the same time, you can't pull out your stool.

    Feeling gastrointestinal dysfunction


    Two days is my limit.

    Experience of the Great History

    "Liquid convenience" in a short time

    It really satiates the stomach.

    But as a young man

    Long-term substitution is really unbearable

    So "liquid convenience"

    Does it really belong to black technology?

    First, why can "liquid convenience" play the role of satiety? Wang Jingyun, a senior nutritionist, said

    Liquid substitutes with protein, fat and sugar

    Especially to increase satiety

    Will add dietary fiber

    These energy substances and cellulose

    It delays gastric emptying.

    A little more popular.

    Just to be hungry.

    Except dietary fiber

    We also found it in the ingredient list.

    Gelatin, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, etc.


    They are often used as thickeners.

    No nutritional value

    The purpose is to make the liquid sticky.

    You can stay in your stomach a little longer.

    So you feel full.

    With the help of these additives

    2。Is it scientific to concentrate the nutrients of a meal into a bottle of water? Nutritional Composition Table of "Liquid Pot"

    It looks long and varied.

    Contains the main nutrients needed by the human body

    But it's not comprehensive enough.

    For example, vitamin B9, folic acid, etc.

    And trace elements, chromium, cobalt, etc.

    There's nothing in the "liquid bowl"

    Macro nutrients are important

    Micronutrients are equally important

    People who lack chromium are prone to diabetes

    Cobalt deficiency predisposes to megaloblastic anemia

    So long-term use of this "liquid convenience"




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